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  • New York, New York! 01

    New York, New York!
    soon be a familiar sight for Renee Heath
    of Walton-on-Thames branch because
    she's just won an all expenses paid holiday
    for two in New York courtesy of the
    publishers of...


    TWO OF THE £100 PRIZE WINNERS also work at JS. Which
    adds up to £200 in the bank for
    assistant grocery manager Sylvia
    Atkins and grocery manager Derek
    Dear, who at the time of the
    competition were not only both
    working at...

  • Chertsey's heart beats faster 02

    Chertsey's heart beats faster
    A NEW LEASE OF LIFE for Chertsey
    town centre was officially signed and
    sealed on July 11 when representatives of
    JS and Runnymede Borough Council met
    to formally exchange agreements for a

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    General News
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  • Northern newsflash 02

    Northern newsflash
    supermarkets in the North of England is
    beginning to produce results. The advertising
    campaign run last autumn (see
    Journal, November and December last
    year) produced a very...

  • Seeing is hearing 02

    Seeing is hearing
    A NEW CAMPAIGN to help deaf customers
    shop in large stores has been
    instigated by the Health Education
    Council, with JS's cooperation.
    500 copies of an arresting poster highlighting
    ways of helping deaf...


    THE RISING PRICE OF ORANGES was one of the many 'inflationary' questions
    shoppers at Hemel Hempstead branch put to Roy Hattersley MP during his visit to the
    store on July 20.
    JS was one of three food retailers Mr Hattersley...

  • Goodmayes FC makes friends 03

    Goodmayes FC makes friends
    NEW STYLE TRADING plus the
    friendliness of old style customer service
    has kept the tills ringing at JS's new
    freezer centre at Goodmayes since it
    opened on July 6. The opening of the

  • A credit to us all 04

    Customer spending power, inflation, world food prices
    and the growing success of Discount '78 were among the points raised
    by chairman John Sainsbury at this year's AGM.
    A credit to us all OUR PRESENT SALES
    LEVEL is ahead of...

  • Addis some colour in the kitchen 05

    Addis some colour in the kitchen
    NOW IS THE TIME to add to your kitchen equipment. From the middle of this month
    55 stores will be featuring a colour coordinated range o f Addis' kitchenware. Displayed
    in the seasonal non-foods...

  • Instant sunshine 05

    Instant sunshine
    BUNTINGFORD DEPOT had their own Family Day on July 1. Over 400 people
    ignored the damp, blustery weather and got on with enjoying themselves,
    either watching the many displays or browsing among the stalls.

  • "Lester" 05

    "Lester, this is neither the time
    nor the place to
    discuss the relative importance
    of the produce and
    meat departments.''

  • The floats in port again! 05

    The floats in
    port again!
    A LORRY LOAD OF FUN for staff at
    Basingstoke branch whose first ever
    entry in the town's annual carnival won
    them a 'highly commended' from the
    Hours before the big parade, which

  • Watford think thin 05

    Watford think thin
    the company. Following our article about
    the Blackfriars slimmers in last month's
    Journal we've heard of a successful sponsored
    slim-in at Watford branch.
    Three members of...

  • JS fuses the seal of success 06

    JS fuses the seal of success
    A BREAKTHROUGH in packaging
    technology has enabled JS to virtually
    eliminate the losses caused by leaking
    vacuum packs of bacon and pork products.
    The annual savings are estimated
    to be around...

  • Bognor keep its nose clean! 07

    Bognor keep its nose clean!
    awarded a certificate by the Clean Food
    Guild, a scheme run by the local council.
    Every year a public health inspector
    pays an unexpected call on food stores

  • Fooling a-rounders at Farnborough 07

    three punk rockers were among the crazy
    crew from Farnborough branch who
    turned out for a Sunday rounders match
    last month.
    Just to be different the two teams—the
    girls v the boys—wore fancy...

  • Good neighbours 07

    Good neighbours
    quire & Co
    We -'ill need more individu .! i v j -
    1 or Jon .111 port per-.'
    ( omp.i-". - 1'1'^ moving
    £.14.950 WOKING
    £20,950 ST JOHN...

  • Stirring news 07

    Stirring news
    PUT THE KETTLE ON and celebrate
    the news that JS has been able to cut the
    price of tea and instant coffee yet again!
    From July 5 the price of Red Label tea
    went down from 19^p a quarter to 19p,
    the price of...

  • 'MUMMY, why does baby look so nice today?' 08

    MUMMY, why does baby look so nice today?' says
    'Because she's got some new clothes' says Mum.
    'Where do they come from ?'
    'I bought them at Saihsbury's, where I do all my
    other shopping.'
    'Why did you buv them there...

  • Christine's talent will out 09

    Christine's talent will out
    'I STARTED DRAWING when I was
    about four years old' says Christine Miller
    'and even at that age I knew instinctively
    it was something I was good
    Christine, who is now 24, is a...

  • Let's play dirty 10

    Let's play dirty
    FINDING FAULT is the
    name of the game and
    anyone can play. JS has a
    company-wide reputation
    for hygiene behind the
    scenes as well as on the
    shopfloor, so even if you
    don't work at a branch you
    should be...

  • Bitterne's super cook 11

    Bitterne's super cook
    LYN LOW really is a super cook. At 22
    she is one of the youngest housekeepers at
    JS. And for the past couple of years her
    cooking has been melting-in-the-mouths
    of the judges at the Southampton...

  • Lord of the ring 12

    Lord of the ring
    |OXING'S got its rewards, but its
    no nine to five job—you've got to
    I eat and sleep it.' So says Terry
    fooTe, who works in the perishables
    department at Charlton depot, and he
    ought to know. In his spare...

  • Clunk-click, a winning pic 14

    THE FIRST PERSON to win a bottle of
    wine in the Journal's photo competition
    is Basingstoke depot's Taymen Polden.
    Remember, we're offering a bottle each
    month for the picture that takes our
    fancy—but don't worry if your...

  • First Pressing 14

    Above: JS Hock (£1-33), JS Minervois
    (£1-15) and JS Corsican Red (£1-25).
    A NEW RANGE of own label wines is
    gradually making an appearance in offlicense
    departments. The full range of 22
    wines and a JS port will be...

  • They're keeping a welcome for Fred 15

    They're keeping a welcome for Fred
    RETIREMENT is going to be something
    of a busman's holiday for Fred Lally,
    who retired last month after 41 years with
    JS. Fred was a chargehand with Uxbridge
    area office's maintenance...

  • By appointment... 16

    By appointment...
    THE QUEEN paid a visit to Bracknell
    last month, and whilst on
    walkabout in the shopping centre
    stopped outside the JS branch and
    chatted to two members of staff.
    Her Majesty spoke to Wyn Baker
    and Sheila...

  • Your letters 16

    Your letters
    Letters are welcome and should be
    addressed to the editor. New product news
    From: Grace Springthorpe, Basingstoke
    Your article in the June Journal about
    D-I-Y-manship in a bottle made me wonder
    if you...

  • Sid stops beating the clock 17

    Sid stops beating the clock
    'I WORKED HARDER during my first
    months at JS, when I was 15, than I had
    ever worked before—or since' recalls Sid
    Cooper, who retired recently as a clerk at
    Charlton depot, after 46 years with...

  • Sid's very active service 18

    'I THOUGHT that I'd never be able to
    stick it with Sainsbury's after all the
    things I'd done and seen in the war' says
    Sid Ginger 'but the weeks went by—and
    now I'm retired.' Sid, a leading tradesman
    at Hemel Hempstead...

  • Settlers by the sea 19

    BOB SMITH is a contented man. Last
    autumn with his wife Iris he moved into a
    spacious, ground floor flat on the seafront
    at St Leonards, near Hastings. In July this
    year he retired from JS after 41 happy
    years at Bexhill...

  • Waxing lyrical over the road! 19

    Waxing lyrical
    over the road!
    SOME INTERESTING inside information
    on Tesco's Pitsea branch came
    our way recently by courtesy of the letters
    page of The Grocer magazine, written by
    an un-named sales rep. 'While standing in...

  • Appointments 20

    TOM VYNER joined the company this
    month as a director, and in due course will
    assume board responsibilities for the grocery
    division. When Jack Russell retires in
    March next year he will take over...

  • Long service 20

    Long service
    George Horton, assistant meat manager
    at Boscombe branch, celebrated 40 years
    with JS on July 7. Mr. Horton joined the company at
    Wood Green, and in the years before the
    war did relief work around most of...

  • Obituary 20

    Audrey Turner, a part-time cashier at
    Addiscombe branch, died on June 30.
    Mrs Turner had only recently returned to
    the store after having her second child.
    She had previously spent two years at the
    store as a clerk.

  • Retirements 20

    John Taylor, a senior leading tradesman
    at Surbiton branch, has retired after 32
    years with JS. He retired early due to ill
    Mr Taylor joined the company in 1946
    at 57 Kingston as a salesman, and over

  • Wally the face behind the voice 21

    the face behind
    the voice
    Wally's scroll: Words by Peter Gurr, lettering
    by Grace Springthorpe, signatures collected
    by Bill Clay. A FAMILIAR VOICE left Basingstoke
    depot last month when Wally Howell, the

  • Bill Bailey goes home 22

    'I TOOK A DAY OFF WORK and went
    to Blackfriars. The following Monday
    started work at Sainsbury's Luton shop.'
    That was Bill Bailey's introduction to the
    company, and it was obviously fruitful
    because he retired last month...

  • Mooching about on his toes! 22

    Mooching about on his toes! THERE'S NOT MUCH Mooch
    Mouncher doesn't know about the fresh
    meat business—he's been in it for nearly
    half a century. Mooch, christened William,
    got his first job at the age of 14. In
    1937, at...

  • Seen and herd at the Royals 24

    Seen and herd at the Royals
    pedigree Aberdeen Angus herd, based at
    Kinermony, Aberlour and Banffshire, have
    been taking the top prizes at two of
    Britain's most important summer...