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Includes newspaper advertisements about the opening of new stores and the prices of various products. Also includes newspaper articles about the Company.

Also contains a certificate for one share, owned by Shaw's, of the capital stock of The Portland Exposition Association, [9] March 1914. There is also an 'Application for approval of a wage or salary rate adjustment or schedule' by Shaw's to the National War Labor Board as it could not find help on the salaries it was offering, 1943 (see also SA/SHAWS/1/44).

Also includes an Annual Report, 1986, and press releases from Sainsbury's about its interest in Shaw's, 1983 - 1987.

Also contains a booklet, 'How to buy meats', 1923, and a copy of 'The Shaw News' advertising the Company's parcel post service, 15 May 1914. There are also several duplicate labels for Shaw's mayonnaise, and six duplicate, small, yellow cards which read, 'B.P.M .10 REBATE CHECK' and feature a picture of a can of tomatoes.

Also includes an envelope with '1.00 Counterfeit' written in pencil across the front of it. The envelope contains a $1 bill with a newspaper article about $1 counterfeit bills.

There is a circular advertising the opening of West Gate super market which has a $25 certificate attached to it. The certificate was redeemable against products in Shaw's Tape Savers premium catalogue. There is also a list of recommendations regarding the advertising, events and giveaway gifts being planned to mark the opening of Falmouth Supermarket, 31 October 1962.

Also includes an agreement between Shaw's and Walter W Sabin with regard to the latter's pay and conditions, 4 June 1919.