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Contains newspaper and magazine articles about Shaw's. Also contains newspaper advertisements about products and the opening of new stores.

Also includes Annual reports, 1968 - 1969, and a history of Shaw's by Stanton W Davis and his friends, 'And the two became one ... an informal history of Shaw's supermarkets', 1992.

There is a questionnaire produced to commemorate the Company's 100th anniversary, 1860 - 1960. Those who filled in the questionnaire had the chance to win a month's supply of groceries in an amount up to $200. There is also an outline of the events being held to celebrate the anniversary, and a sheet of music containing a song, 'Shaw's - because!' written to advertise the events taking place.

There is also a volume containing details about who held what shares in Shaw's, c. 1919 - c. 1954. The volume was meant to record details about insurance policies. The title on the front cover reads, 'Insurance record'.