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Photocopies of quarterly sales statistics (1934 - 1939).

Photocopies of newspaper articles and price lists.

Shaw's product catalogues.

Photographs of interior and exterior of Shaw's stores.

Sainsbury's press releases regarding investment in Shaw's.

Shaw's information/fact pack.

New England road map with Shaw's stores marked.

Copy of 'A Man and His Work' a biography of Maynard Alton Davis founder of Brockton Public Market (1930).

Annual reports for 1973, 1975 and 1986.

'Open House' day programmes for the opening of warehouses and offices to the public for Brockton Public Markets and Shaw's. Gives information relating to the functions performed in different departments.

Correspondence, minutes of meetings and itinerary relating to Mr J.D. Sainsbury's visit to Shaw's in the USA.