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Oral history recording and transcript of David Lloyd Maunder and John Maunder (sons of Lloyd Maunder). Interviewed by Bridget Williams for book 'The Best Butter in the World'. Lloyd Maunder Ltd are long established suppliers to Sainsbury's. They supplied poultry, butter, eggs, rabbits and pigmeat to Sainsbury's from 1898.

Summary of content:
David Lloyd Maunder c.1898 grandfather traded from Witheridge with J. Sainsbury in butter, eggs, chicken, rabbits and pork, earliest significant trade. Rounded up eggs and butter from local farmers. Pony and trap to train station. 1912 acquired current site and deal with nearby abattoir. First abattoir built 1913. Initial trade pork. High percentage of trade going to Sainsbury in 1913. Second World War Period of Control by Government Ministry of Food c.1939-1954. Quickly re-established connections with Sainsbury's in 1954. Earliest memories supplying Sainsbury's with lamb, then beef. Operation grew. Currently pork in decline as pig industry moved to East Anglia. Gentlemen's agreement. Coggan Family, in Funtley abattoir in Fareham. Supplying Sainsbury competitors. Discussion of arrangements for future meetings. Relationship with suppliers changed. Max Justice broiler industry. Development of chicken processing 1000 a week, 1000 a day, 1000 an hour. Fred Salisbury. Values of the family business. 21 Club. Fred Salisbury's involvement and career development in Sainsbury. 28.11

John Lloyd Maunder Development of poultry business from initial egg packing business. Responsible for disposal of end of lay hens. Facility to do special occasion batch of turkeys, geese and capons for Sainsbury's at Christmas and Easter. Broiler industry took off in 1957 and when reasonable price chicken meat available in stores. Processing chickens. First to introduce mechanisation. Max Justice. Oven ready chicken. Management of high volume needed new processes including freezing chickens. Dispatched chickens by rail until 1962. Display of uneviscerated carcasses in shops, dressed by butcher in the back of the store. Volume increased unable to dress chickens in store, decision to pre-dress chickens meant bacteria attacking the carcass and increased spoilage and subsequent introduction of freezing to prevent this. Traded in frozen chickens with Sainsbury from that point. Max Justice returned from visit to U.S with idea for broiler chickens. Geoffrey Sykes. Breeding baby chicks. Setting up processing for broiler chickens. George Padley. Development of broiler chicken industry through the 1950s. Father's lists. Percy Maunder's lists. Western chicken. Max Justice. Railway. Development of broiler chicken industry. Different supplier roles. Max Justice. Role of supermarkets. Expansion of Lloyd Maunder. Max Justice 1950s. Dispute with Western Chickens. Alex Alexander. Fred Salisbury. James Sainsbury. Max Justice staying at Maunder's house, Blue Cedars. Harry Wood. Sainsbury's egg packing stations. Haverhill. About Lloyd and Percy Maunder and son. Agents. Process of buying livestock. Mixed farming. Free range chicken. Pig production. Increase in pig business. Mixed farming. Mixed farming in Devon. Pig industry. Free range pigs. Lloyd Maunder and Christmas. Frank Sainsbury. John James. Haverhill. Max Justice and growth of chicken industry. Direct buying. Sainsbury's as A1. Price of pigs.