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Audio recording and transcript of interview of Joe Barnes (Sainsbury's board director, retired in 1990). Barnes joined Sainsbury's in the audit department in 1956. Interviewed by Bridget Williams, as part of her research for "The Best Butter in the World: A History of Sainsbury's".

Summary of content:
Side one (141_A)
1956: beginning at Sainsbury's in internal audit department.
1950s: helping with turkeys at Christmas. State of business post-war. Role of internal depts. Morale in company. Beginning of frozen chickens.
1957 bacon buying. Canada Packers. Bacon supplies from different countries.
1958 thoughts about moving depot and factory away from Blackfriars.
1960s heading up team to investigate moving factory to Bracknell. Re-furbishing Haverhill. Frank Sainsbury. Problems with industrial relations. Inter-union rivalry at Union Street. transport and General Workers Union and USDAW. Transfer of bacon-smoking from Union Street to Basingstoke. Total bacon operation with slicing and vacuum packing. Maintaining traditions. Red Label range. Own label but made by an outside company. Disruptions due to industrial relations problems. Industrial relations problems. Old working practices.
1930s question about beef supplies. Argentinian beef. American beef. Scottish beef. Mass market not prepared to pay premium price.
1960s/70s dominance of price. esco checkout. Jubilee strike. Problems of establishing genuine Scottish beef. Customer compromising on price. More choice. Rising awareness of diet and concern about animal fats. Sainsbury's farms. Prize winning cattle. Frank Sainsbury.

Side two (141_B):
1950/60 Directors. Fred Salisbury. Expansion of Board. Early business planning. Robert, Simon, Timothy Sainsbury.
1960s Roy Griffiths. Early business planning. JS Properties. James Sainsbury stores. Bat Willows. Haverhill. Promotion. Mr RJ. James Sainsbury and Kay Kendall. Mr James and sampling products in factory. Working with Mr James. Sampling pies. Breakfast sausage.