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Audio recording and transcript of interview of Peter Ibbotson. Interviewed by Bridget Williams (Sainsbury's Archives). In the interview he discusses energy efficiency in Sainsbury's stores and refrigeration systems including environmental issues. Audio files 10_B and 11_B.

Topics include:
1970s: Research into microprocessing controls for energy. Government Energy Efficiency Demonstration Scheme. Using British company to trail system in Sainsbury's store. JD approval of scheme and sanction to put microprocessor based controls into all new stores.
1983: Hull, first new store with new controls opens. Company making controls changes name to Trend Controls. Development of Trend Controls. Application of same technology to refrigeration.
1980s: Refrigeration controls. RMS. Advantages of computer controlled energy systems. Store design and energy efficiency.
general: Advantages to store managers.
1990s: monitoring energy consumption of stores. Research into installing digital meters. EC (thermi?) Project. Funding from EC. Peter Cooper. Problems re hole in ozone layer and CFCs. Montreal protocol. Research into removal of use of CFCs. Research into phasing out of CFCs. Peter Cooper. Roger Borer. Research into alternatives for CFCs. R12. R22. R502. Peter Cooper representing industry. Montreal Protocol. Retention of R22 for limited period. Cost of new refrigerants. Leakages. Change in electricity market. Competition in electricity market leading to reduction in cost of supply. Reducing cost of electricity.