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Audio recording of interviews by Bridget Williams. It appears likely that this interview was carried out as part of the research for 'The Best Butter in the World: A History of Sainsbury's' but this has not been confirmed.

143_A Wendy Spence [may contain confidential information] 1988-1989 Listeria and salmonella. Edwina Currie. Richard Lacey. Food safety. Ready meals. Due diligence. Complaints. Food hygiene. Sewage. Food poisoning.

143_B Mike Connolly. PA to Mr J.D Sainsbury. Story about Steve Cody and Mr J.D. Sainsbury's attention to detail. Marketing. Role of Sainsbury's in development of wine market. Rise in market of mineral water. Ready meals. Customers aspirations. Value. Discount programme. Green Shield Stamps. Industrial relations dispute. Discount '78 response to Checkout [a price based marketing campaign by Tesco]. Promotion by successful buying or managing stores. Falklands War and corned beef. Off licence. Wine prices historically low.