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  • Bob Wallis 02

    Bob Wallis
    BOB WALLIS, JS's senior meat buyer,
    died on Sunday September 18 after a
    short illness. He was 58.
    His wealth of experience and his
    dedication to JS over more than 40 years
    were an inspiration to many in...

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    Branch opening—West Ealing
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    Homebase opening —Kingston
    Page 8-9
    New products
    Page 10-11
    Just the job feature: The clerk of works
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    Business news
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    News in...

  • MP views 'Best of British' 02

    MP views
    'Best of British'
    THE Rt Hon Michael Jopling MP,
    Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and
    Food, accompanied by chairman, Sir
    John Sainsbury, visited Coldham's Lane
    supermarket, Haverhill Meat Products
    Limited and...

  • Appointments 03

    Allan Cheesman
    ALLAN CHEESMAN, previously head
    of the off-licence department, has been
    appointed departmental director—beer,
    wine and spirit departments.
    In recent years the off-licence business
    has expanded...

  • JS invests in American food chain 03

    JS invests in American food chain
    JS HAS AGREED with Shaw's, an
    American supermarket chain, located in
    New England, to acquire up to 25 per
    cent of its shares. JS will obtain at least 20
    per cent of the company—at a cost...

  • Branch opening—West Ealing 04

    NEW STORE for old. That's what the
    people of West Ealing were given on
    Tuesday, September 13.
    On the previous Saturday evening
    Sainsbury's Broadway branch, just round
    the corner from the new site on
    Melbourne Avenue, closed...

  • Homebase opening—Kingston 06

    exactly what they wanted from the new
    Kingston Homebase, Sainsbury's 11th
    home and garden centre, which opened at
    9,00 am on Monday September 12. Within
    half an hour one complete...

  • Dishy dollops 08

    Dishy dollops
    YOU CAN now have perfect plaice,
    sensational scampi and even fetching fish
    fingers with Sainsbury's latest meal
    accompaniment—Sauce Tartare made
    with french mayonnaise.
    In a handy 265g jar it is available in...

  • Ice cream and chips! 08

    Ice cream and chips! FOR A TASTE of the States say howdy to
    four cool guys.
    Sainsbury's American Style Dairy Ice
    Cream is a new way of finding yourself
    over the Atlantic without stepping out of
    the front door.
    Made with...

  • Simple soup 08

    Simple soup
    SOUP UP your snacks with Sainsbury's
    Chicken and Leek or Mushroom
    Soup-in-a-Cup, two new additional
    flavours now available in convenient and
    attractive twin packs.
    Instructions couldn't be simplerempty

  • Tasty tartlets 08

    Tasty tartlets
    SATISFY A sweet tooth by biting into
    one of JS's new Chocolate Cream
    These irresistible biscuits have a light
    shortbread base, a deliciously rich
    chocolate cream filling and are topped by
    a coat of...

  • Dream slice 09

    Dream slice
    FOR A REALLY naughty way to celebrate
    a birthday, anniversary, new job or your
    budgie's coming of age, why not treat
    yourself to one of Sainsbury's new Dairy
    Cream Slices.
    Joining the patisserie range,...

  • Flavour men 09

    Flavour men
    IT'S NEVER too late to get into the
    yogurt habit!
    Chocolate flavoured Mr Uppity has
    recently joined ranks with the existing
    Mr Men yogurt range, now offering a
    choice of eight delicious flavours.
    A low fat...

  • Lotta bottle 09

    Lotta bottle
    NEEDING AN excuse for a dinner party?
    Sainsbury's can now provide you with not
    only one but four!
    Start the evening off by making hangovers
    a thing of the past, with JS's new
    Low Alcohol Lager.
    Brewed in...


    The Journal puts
    on a hard hat to visit
    a Welsh store
    in the making and
    meets the JS man
    on site.
    ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ UT ON site the sun is bouncing
    off the white gravel. The river Usk is at
    high tide and flowing...

  • Asda results 12

    Asda results
    THE ASSOCIATED Dairies Group comfortably
    cruised past City expectations and
    produced pre-tax profits of £77 million for
    the year to April 30, 1983. This 27 per cent
    increase was fuelled mainly by a...

  • Better butter? 12

    Better butter?
    THE YELLOW fats war is beginning to heat
    up—or should it be melt? The Milk
    Marketing Board and Anchor are trying
    several innovations to combat the
    continuing popularity of margarine.
    The Dairy Crest...

  • French connection 12

    French connection
    SO YOU thought that retailers in Britain had
    problems? Consider the trials of poor
    French supermarketers trying to turn an
    honest centime or two.
    Edward Leclerc, once described as the
    Freddie Laker of...

  • Go smash a Mr Man 12

    Go smash a Mr Man
    NEWS FROM the ubiquitous Mr Men-the
    Roger Hargreaves characters which adorn
    JS own-label yogurt fsee page 9). Their latest
    venture is more surprising. Mr Happy, Mr
    Grumpy, Mr Bump and the rest, will...

  • Swop 12

    THERE HAS been a surprising move
    between two JS competitors. Bejam and
    BHS have agreed to sell each other's
    products on a trial basis for a limited period.
    Bejam's frozen foods will be sold through
    two BHS stores in the...

  • Property 13

    OPENINGS planned for this month are:
    Bradford Greengates Supermarket and
    Homebase, 760 Harrogate Road, Bradford
    on Tuesday, October 11, at 9.30 am;
    Beckenham Supermarket, 181 High
    Street, Beckenham on Tuesday, October
    25, at...

  • Share option scheme 13

    Share option scheme
    FULL TIME and part time employees
    who have worked at JS for three
    consecutive years are once again being
    offered the chance to save for JS shares
    under the Savings-Related Share Option

  • Bunny girl 14

    Bunny girl
    THIS LITTLE rabbit is definitely not for
    the pot.
    Hayley Sworn's mum Sally was
    costume designer, make up artist and sign
    writer for her furry daughter's fancy
    dress debut.
    And the bunny's daddy is a Robin!

  • Giant fish on JS diet 14

    Giant fish on JS diet
    THE ANGLING world was recently
    brought to a 'swimstill' following the
    landing of a massive 51 pound carp (no
    french fries thank you). It is the largest
    ever to be caught in Britain. Furthermore
    it was...

  • Photographic Competition 14

    THE SHUTTERS are down for entries in
    this year's photographic competition, the
    closing date was September 30!
    Torture yourselves not, results will appear in the November issue, once all
    entries have been judged by...

  • Saying it with flowers 14

    Saying it with flowers
    the Week was awarded to Dartford
    branch on August 23 in recognition of
    their total dedication to the Sue Bedwell
    Appeal (JSJ August 1983), collecting
    funds for multiple...

  • Conquering the quadrathon 15

    Conquering the quadrathon
    SIXTH PLACE in the world's first
    Quadrathon, a race to beat all races, was
    the impressive result achieved by Steve
    Till, technical analyst, Blackfriars (JSJ
    July 1983), after a sensational...

  • Raising more than the roof 15

    Raising more than the roof
    SOLIHULL ROCKED around the clock
    on Saturday August 27, in aid of the
    Queen Elizabeth Ultrasonic Scalpel
    Appeal and raised £142.
    Martin Player and Jeff Keenan, both
    students at the branch...

  • Ice cold in Ashford 16

    Ice cold in Ashford
    ICE STATION Ashford was afloat and
    raring to go on Saturday, September 10,
    when for the second year running they
    entered the local carnival.
    Brightly clad in furs and garters, 12
    members of staff sat...

  • Keep it in the family 16

    Keep it in the family
    SAINSBURY'S has been the scene of yet
    another fortuitous meeting, this time
    between Gaynor Hilton, previously
    canteen assistant and Stephen Orr, chef,
    both at Basingstoke depot (right).
    September 3 was...

  • A dog's best friend 17

    Richard (left) and Robin (right) seek judgement from sniffer, John.
    A dog's best friend PAWS FOR thought for just a moment.
    Have you ever wondered how JS decides
    exactly what makes a first class tin of dog
    food? Doggy tests...

  • Lunchtime film menu 17

    Lunchtime film menu
    FOLLOWING last year's successful
    season of lunch time films (JSJ December
    1982) held in the conference centre,
    Rennie House, head office training
    department are planning a further series
    of six to run...

  • Romford aids 17

    Romford aids
    A CHEQUE for a staggering £62,523.31
    was recently handed over by Romford
    area office to the 500 Group Cancer
    Research Campaign following the
    companywide fund raising effort
    launched in January 1982.

  • Subject to choice 17

    Subject to choice
    DO YOU FANCY a BA Hons, BSc or
    even an MA? If so, Birkbeck College,
    University of London, is just the place for
    you. According to Gerry Lee, accounts
    clerk at Blackfriars, you can take One
    made to...


    E C Byrne, formerly deputy manager of
    Lewisham, has been appointed manager
    of Balham.
    R S Davies, formerly manager of
    Wembley, has been appointed manager
    of Hornchurch.
    D Johnstone, formerly deputy
    manager of...

  • Carefree days for Cookie 18

    A CARRIAGE clock, a set of three
    suitcases, a picnic hamper and a barbecue
    put Jack Cook, provisions manager at
    Dorking, on the right track for a leisurely
    retirement after 46 years' service with JS.
    Often known as 'Cookie',...


    B Ward, formerly deputy manager at
    Nottingham, has been appointed store
    manager of Oldbury, for the opening.
    B Todd, formerly deputy manager of
    Leeds, has been appointed manager at
    Bradford, for the...


    William McQuillan, training administration
    officer at Blackfriars, has retired after 43 years' service with JS.
    He began his career with the company
    in the poultry department and two years
    later moved to the...

  • Correction 19

    APOLOGIES to Rosina Coe, supermarket
    assistant at Stevenage, who was
    mistakenly included in the retirements
    column in JSJ September.
    Rosina has not retired, but has
    completed 30 years' service.

  • Feedback 19

    Letters are welcome
    and should "be
    addressed to the editor
    Press-ing points
    From: Tony Gayfer, engineering
    Lewisham is my nearest JS branch and I
    was surprised to learn in May of proposals
    to build a branch hardly...


    Maurice 'Bish' Bishop, manager at
    Chislehurst, has completed 25 years'
    service with JS.
    He began his career as a junior
    salesman at Morden and in 1962 was
    promoted to senior leading salesman,
    doing relief at...

  • Women's work 20

    Women's work
    WOMEN AT Sainsbury's! Whatever
    next? It took a war to
    establish a feminine front in the
    foreign territory behind the
    counter at JS.
    In 1914, Britain was a channel away
    from trenches and shells but was...