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  • Advertising awards 02

    JS ADVERTISING was up on the
    winners' rostrum again last month when
    Campaign magazine, the advertising
    industry's top publication, announced
    the recipients of its annual Press Awards.
    Most prestigious...

  • Contents Page 02

    Page 2-3
    Page 4-5
    Veterans' reunion
    Page 6-7
    Business news
    Page 8-9
    New products
    Page 10-11
    Page 12-13
    News in brief—a round- up of activities companywide
    Page 14-15
    People—appointments, retirements, long service...

  • Faces behind the pages 02

    Faces behind the pages
    Bridget Williams
    DEDICATION beyond the call of duty;
    that's what two people constantly show
    to the Journal and they have finally been
    persuaded to stand up and take a bow.
    Bridget Williams, company...

  • £190,000 to cancer research 03

    £190,000 to cancer research
    Retail division director, Joe Barnes, presented JS 's £190, 000 contribution to president of the 500 Group, Sir John McKay. A MARVELLOUS performance by staff
    companywide brought JS a recent...

  • Donation to youth centre 03

    Donation to youth centre
    A CHEQUE for one thousand pounds was
    recently donated on behalf of the company
    by Charlton depot manager, Derek
    Graham, towards the cost of a local youth
    centre at St Thomas's church.
    The donation...

  • 1983 JS Veterans' reunion 04

    1983 JS veterans' reunion
    Nice to see you!
    • •--.(.,i ,n QPe several new j charm for 22 ve
    JOY IN FRIENDSHIP was the feeling
    which made 1983's JS veterans' reunion
    such a happy event. The 35th annual
    reunion took place...

  • Animal magic 06

    Animal magic
    EARLY THIS YEAR Super Marketing magazine
    asked its readers what sort of animal
    they associated with some of the leading
    The quickest reader off the mark came
    up with the following...

  • Changing taste of eating out 06

    Changing taste of eating out
    A REVIEW of British eating out by Gallup,
    commissioned by the magazine Caterer
    and Hotelkeeper, showed some interesting
    changes in taste.
    Minestrone has replaced tomato soup as
    the favourite soup...

  • Four pinta 06

    Four pinta
    DEVELOPMENTS in milk merchandising
    continue apace. A four pint plastic bottle
    made by Plysu is now stocked by JS and
    several other leading multiples.
    The bottle has a resealable top and a
    carrying handle, and is...

  • M&S 06

    ON APRIL 1, Lord Sieff, the third generation
    shop-keeper who has headed Marks and
    Spencer since 1972, made way for Lord
    Lord Rayner has been Margaret
    Thatcher's crusader against paper shuffling,
    is a methodist...

  • Plastic can 06

    Plastic can
    THE WORLD'S FIRST food product in a
    plastic 'can' is being test marketed in Britain
    by the US owned Campbell's Soups and
    Metal Box, the leading UK packaging
    The can is in fact a flat 16oz carton...

  • Saturation 06

    ACCORDING to the latest survey on
    supermarkets carried out by the Centre for
    Business Research, the number of
    superstores in Britain, close on 350 at
    present, is expected to reach saturation
    point at a little over...

  • Sweet results 06

    Sweet results
    to After Eight group—announced some
    very sweet results for 1982. Pre-tax profits
    were up 27 per cent to £50.5 million, on
    turnover 12 per cent higher at £770.5

  • Tesco times 06

    Tesco times
    TESCO has opened a 'Tesco Business
    Centre' at Welwyn Garden City to sell
    computers to small businesses.
    The range will feature IBM and Apple
    products costing between £3,000 and
    In their stores the...

  • UB results 06

    UB results
    UNITED BISCUITS (McVities Jaffa Cakes
    to Wimpy Bars, KP nuts to Pizzaland
    restaurants) reported a reasonable 12 per
    cent rise in pre-tax profits for 1982, £7.5
    million up at £68.4 million.
    However, about half...

  • Taking stock of shares 07

    Taking stock of shares
    WHY DOES the price of some shares go up
    and down like a supercharged yo-yo? What
    influences the JS share price? To the many
    employees who now hold shares in the
    company this is a key question.

  • Every thing you need to know about... 08

    Every thing you need to know about...
    WITH SPRING already upon us,
    thoughts are starting to turn to those jobs
    that really must be done around the
    Homebase, with this season in mind,
    has recently published four new...

  • Just juice 08

    Just juice
    NOW FOR a juicy piece of news! JS ownlabel
    Pure Orange Juice cartons are on
    sale in packs of four.
    You can start your day the economical
    way because the carry-out pack saves
    money. At only £1.35 it means each...

  • May wine 08

    May wine
    DISCOVER the promise inside every
    bottle of Sainsbury's Sparkling Saumur
    (Appellation Saumur Controlee Methode
    Champenoise). It's wine of the month for
    Sparkling Saumur is produced by the
    traditional champagne...

  • Mr Men 08

    Mr Men
    MESSRS Lazy, Mischief, Funny, Messy,
    Greedy, Happy and Forgetful are the
    seven cheerful characters featured on
    Sainsbury's new own-label Mr Men
    These Mr Men flavours—fingerlicking
    fudge, Jaffa, peach...

  • Waffling on 08

    Waffling on
    WHAT'S PERFECT with icecream,
    syrup, jam, Marmite and all other things
    sweet and savoury? Sainsbury's new
    own-label Waffles—that's what!
    Another delicious first for JS, they sell
    in packs of six for 32p (217...

  • Armagnac 09

    THOSE CONNOISSEURS with a taste
    for the occasional tipple of brandy will
    greatly appreciate the latest addition to
    JS's own-label spirits range, Armagnac
    VSOP (Appellation Armagnac Controlee).
    Imbibers will also be...

  • Clean up 09

    Clean up
    REDESIGNED Sainsbury's Lemon
    Scented Scouring Powder and Blue
    Scouring Powder are two important new
    additions to the existing spring clean
    range (757 March 1983) presently on sale.
    Directions for use are...

  • Curry flavour 09

    Curry flavour
    ZIP UP curries, cold meats, you name it,
    with Sainsbury's new scrumptious ownlabel
    Mango Chutney.
    Packed with mangos it's sweet and
    delicious even by itself.
    On the shelf in all branches, Mango
    Chutney (340...

  • Pasta partners 09

    MEET YET another two new Italian
    Pastas you don't have to wind round a
    fork—Sainsbury's Italian Egg Lasagne
    (45p) and Egg Cannelloni (49p).
    Italian Egg Lasagne (250 gram) 'is a no
    problem to cook', just...

  • Purse your lipstick 09

    Purse your lipstick
    IT'S ALL in the bag in the toiletries
    department since the recent introduction
    of cosmetic and toilet bags in all shapes
    and sizes.
    Not only are all four bags available in
    two different patterns but in...

  • Weighty matters 10

    Weighty matters
    IT'S NOT every day a bride carries her
    husband over the threshold, but this was
    so in the case of 19-year-old Donna Mears,
    British powerlifting champion.
    An office clerk at JS's Sittingbourne

  • Throwing the boys over 11

    Throwing the boys over
    Above and below right: Deborah throws her weight around! Below left: Some of her
    impressive range of medals and trophies. GONE, IT SEEMS, are the days of the
    gentler sex. Meet another lady whose

  • JS Journal award 12

    JS Journal award
    THE JS JOURNAL has joined the ranks
    of the award winners at Sainsbury's!
    Each year the British Association of
    Industrial Editors recognises and honours
    outstanding achievement in British and

  • News in brief—a round up of activities companywide 12

    JS EMPLOYEES at Blackfriars could be
    forgiven for thinking they were trapped
    in a time warp on April 11.
    Arriving for work on this Monday
    morning they found the City area of
    London in a state of alarm reminiscent of

  • SavaCentre Scholars 12

    SavaCentre Scholars
    SIX CANDIDATES from Calcot SavaCentre
    are on the way up after successfully
    sitting a supervisory exam set by the
    National Examination Board at Havering
    Technical College, Essex.
    For the last four years...

  • Posting precisely 13

    Posting precisely
    WHEN YOU live in Australia and you
    want to send a message to that helpful
    man at Sainsbury's Chelsea Branch, on
    the other side of the world, there's one
    way to make sure it pops through the
    right letter...

  • Wine winners 13

    Wine winners
    SIXTEEN newspaper readers had a
    sparkling Easter weekend thanks to their
    knowledge of JS wine. The Liverpool
    Daily Post and Birmingham's Sunday Mercury
    in conjunction with Sainsbury's ran a
    free competition with...


    I Atherton, formerly manager of
    Southport, has been appointed manager
    of Crosby for the opening.
    N Brassington, formerly deputy
    manager of Walthamstow, has been
    appointed manager of Potters Bar.
    I Elkins, formerly manager of...


    Arthur Macquillin, building and
    workshop supervisor at Basingstoke
    depot, has completed 40 years' service
    with JS.
    He began his career as a trainee joiner
    in the works department at Blackfriars.
    Soon after the...


    Arthur Mott, manager at Colchester
    Branch, has retired after 43 years' service
    with JS.
    He began his career with the company
    at Romford manual and two years later
    left to join the RAF. He returned to

  • Meat man and boy 15

    Meat man and boy
    YOU COULD call Eric Barnes a modern
    husband. Every evening he cooks a meal
    for his wife but has old fashioned ideas
    about the menu. 'She never gets egg and
    chips,' he insists. A bit of a cordon bleu


    Francis Barber, assistant meat manager
    at Colchester, died suddenly on March
    12, aged 60.
    He had been with the company for 42
    Sheila Crouch, skilled supermarket
    assistant at Golders Green, died on

  • Lazy hazy days 16

    Lazy hazy days
    SUMMER'S A COMING . . . the click
    of the camera and the creak of a laden
    picnic basket are unmistakable signs that
    warmer days are here at last.
    The Lucky Dogs leaflet (right),
    produced in 1934, offered JS...