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    Branch opening—Farnham
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    Homebase opening—Watford
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    Business news
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    A pull-out guide to JS's senior management
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    New products
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  • Executive Club 02

    Executive Club
    A TALK FROM Minister of Agriculture,
    Fisheries and Food, the Rt Hon Peter
    Walker, brought the latest season of
    Sainsbury's Executive Club to a successful
    Peter Walker spoke of his...

  • Festival of Choirs 02

    SAINSBURY'S Festival of Choirs
    TWENTY OF BRITAIN'S leading youth
    and adult choirs have been selected for
    the second Sainsbury's Festival of Choirs,
    which takes place at the Royal Albert
    Hall on Saturday April 16.
    There is in...

  • New face 02

    AN ADDITION to the Journal team this
    month is Yvonne Burke, who joins as
    assistant editor. „
    Yvonne, 24, has moved to Blackfriars
    from the West End of London, where she
    was assistant editor of Selfridges' house

  • Property 03

    JS IS SEEKING planning consent for a
    two-storey extension and alterations to
    the existing building which will almost
    double the retail sales area of Wilmslow
    The plan to provide additional sales
    and storage...

  • Retailer of the month 03

    Retailer of the month
    SAINSBURY'S have been voted retailer
    of the month by Super Marketing magazine.
    'In one month Sainsbury's was credited
    with three distinctions: a survey
    recognised that its customers are the

  • Branch opening—Farnham 04

    PERFECT SPRING weather accompanied
    the opening of JS's new store in
    South Street, Farnham on Tuesday, February
    An architecturally impressive building
    which complements the adjacent
    conservation area (including the...

  • Homebase opening—Watford 06

    FEBRUARY 28, three days before
    Homebases' second birthday, the seventh
    store was opened at 114 St Albans Road,
    Watford, Hertfordshire, and provided
    the most successful opening to date!
    The total indoor and outdoor sales

  • Alter ego 08

    Alter ego
    THE ONCE elusive British cheese, Lymeswold,
    is to be rechristened Westminster
    Blue for its launch on the international
    market later this year. The new name, for export only, has been
    chosen by the Milk Marketing...

  • Food from Britain 08

    Food from Britain
    FOOD FROM BRITAIN, the new central
    marketing and promotional body for British
    food, drink, confectionery and agricultural
    and horticultural produce, came into
    operation on March 23.
    With a-completion date...

  • International food exhibition 08

    International food exhibition
    MORE THAN 900 exhibitors filled Olympia
    in London for the recent International Food
    Exhibition. A dazzling variety of stands was
    manned by both food manufacturers and
    importers, many of whom were...

  • Mainstop sales 08

    Mainstop sales
    IF YOU HAVE ever fancied owning a
    supermarket, now is your chance—perhaps
    you can arrange a loan from your bank
    manager and buy a Mainstop store!
    The great Mainstop sale continues-it is
    understood that 16 of...

  • More milk innovations 08

    More milk innovations
    CHANGES and innovations seem to be
    continually taking place on the milk front!
    Nearly 850,000 people have recently
    signed a petition to save the British pinta.
    Milkmen, backed by MP's and...

  • Plastic scotch 08

    Plastic scotch
    TRANSATLANTIC airline passengers will
    soon be guinea pigs for the first scotch
    whisky to be packed in plastic bottles!
    One of Scottish and Newcastle Breweries'
    main brands, MacKinlay's Old Scotch, is to

  • Wet fish 08

    Wet fish
    THE NEWLY opened Bromley-by-Bow
    Tesco features a wet fish counter. However,
    the company is reported to be abandoning
    such a concept for future openings. Instead
    Tesco will utilise the gas-flushed packs now

  • Wine merit 08

    Wine merit
    TESCO'S development effort on table wines
    has borne some fruit. The trade journal
    Wine & Spirit recently gave Tesco a design
    award for outstanding merit for the new
    labels for its own wine range.

  • Bejam 09

    LAST MONTH a look was taken at frozen
    food retailing—to follow, an examination of
    Bejam, a company which has a growth
    record as remarkable as that of JS.
    The beginnings of Bejam stem from a trip
    by its founder, John...

  • Who's boss? 09

    Who's boss?
    A NEW SURVEY, conducted by Research
    Surveys of Great Britain on behalf of IPC
    magazines, indicates that women are fast
    becoming the decision-makers when it
    comes to buying drink at supermarket

  • Sainsbury's Senior Managers' Conference 10

    SAINSBURY'S Senior Managers' Conference
    —a pull out guide to JS's senior management- Senior Managers' Conference- Eastbourne '83 Whilst every effort has been
    made to ensure that this guide
    is as accurate and complete...

  • Home remedies 16

    Home remedies
    RELIEF is at hand for the two most
    nagging ailments—indigestion and the
    common sore throat/cough.
    Sainsbury's first own-label Indigestion
    Tablets, available in packs of 30, sell for
    For effective relief...

  • New wine 16

    New wine
    GET YOUR DRINKING caps on and
    open a bottle of Crozes-Hermitage
    (Appellation Controlee), a new ownlabel
    French wine now available from JS.
    This full bodied red wine comes from
    the vineyards around Tain, in...

  • Pine Fresh 16

    Pine Fresh
    inside and bowls you over? Sainsbury's
    new Pine Fresh Liquid Lavatory cleaner!
    Priced at 32p and available in all
    branches, Pine Fresh is specially designed
    to help remove all...

  • The Mexican way 16

    The Mexican way
    TORTILLAS, beans, cheese, avocado
    pears and minced meat are a few of the
    popular Mexican ingredients put to
    varied use in Sainsbury's latest colour
    cookbook— Cooking the Mexican Way
    by Lourdes Nichols.

  • Clean, fresh breath 17

    Clean, fresh breath
    GARGLE AWAY the night before with a
    little help from Sainsbury's.
    New Spearmint Antiseptic Mouthwash,
    designed to deodorize and leave
    your breath tingling, is now available in
    an exciting blue colour at...

  • Good morning 17

    Good morning
    GIVE THE FAMILY all the moral fibre
    it needs with Sainsbury's new own-label
    Sultana Bran-wheat flakes with 30 per
    cent bran and sultanas.
    Dietary fibre or roughage, found in
    fruit and vegetables and whole...

  • Loin steak 17

    Loin steak
    SAINSBURY'S own-label Premium
    Tendersweet Loin Steak has recently
    been launched by the bacon buying
    department for only £2.18 (lib).
    Available in packs of four, each steak,
    whether fried or grilled promises to...

  • Pizza pie 17

    Pizza pie
    THE POPULARITY of pizzas in this
    country has grown beyond prediction.
    JS's new own-label Cheese, Tomato and
    Mushroom Pizza is the latest indication
    of this.
    Joining the other two varieties—cheese
    and tomato, and...

  • Saucy 17

    MATCH SAINSBURY'S re-designed
    Cheese, Onion, Parsley and White Sauce
    Mixes to the meal of your choice.
    Half-a-pint of milk and a few minutes
    to spare is all that is required to top off
    any gourmet creation.

  • Do the locomotion 18

    'IT'S NOT A LOT of hot steam,'
    commented Ken Evans, from the hygiene
    department at Buntingford depot,
    referring to his vintage model railway
    collection which has fascinated him for
    the last 30 years.
    His collection, perhaps...

  • Essential pet-care 18

    Essential pet-care
    DOES YOUR PET bark or miaow? If
    either, or both (!), Owning dogs and cats,
    a new booklet written exclusively for
    Sainsbury's by a practising veterinary
    surgeon, is for you.
    The author's many years of...

  • Full of beans 18

    Full of beans
    JS COFFEE lovers will be full of beans
    when they hear about the new own-label
    vacuum packed Filter Coffee now available
    at 76 branches.
    Packed and sealed in foil, all the air has
    been drawn out of the coffee...

  • Perfect duo 18

    Perfect duo
    A TISSUE, a tissue we all fall down!
    Sainsbury's Duo 100 tissues (41p), in
    rose and pink, and coffee and peach
    colours, sell in two attractively designed
    boxes guaranteed to cheer up any room.
    They're strong but...

  • Basenjis is best! 20

    Basenjis is best!
    SYD SMITH'S silent dogs are really
    worth shouting about. Director's
    chauffeur, Syd, appeared in the Journal
    last March when three of his four Basenjis
    (a barkless breed from Africa) qualified
    for Crufts....

  • News in brief—a round up of activities companywide 20

    FOR THE SECOND year running,
    Walsall ladies have stolen the show in the
    towns Pancake Race, by coming first.
    The team of five ladies were sponsored
    by the branch and a total of £26 was
    collected in aid of the St...

  • Wedding bell blues 20

    Wedding bell blues
    the pleasure of the company of Mr and
    Mrs Richard Davies and his family and all
    the staff at Sainsbury's at the wedding
    ceremony of their daughter Kermin...

  • Battle of the flights 21

    Battle of the flights
    THE FINALS of the first ever Woking
    area darts championship saw Exeter
    branch emerge with flying colours after a
    challenging game against Christchurch,
    on November 27.
    At the start of the day's play,...

  • Bouncing baby 21

    Bouncing baby
    AT SIX WEEKS old and weighing in at
    1 lib 6oz, Christopher William Page gives
    true meaning to the phrase 'bouncing
    baby boy'.
    Christopher's birth on January 27
    (birthweight 81b 2oz) coincided with...

  • In memoriam 21

    In memoriam
    Margaret Venables, late wife of Emrys
    Venables, reception manager at Pitsea, is
    at present on sale at the branch and other
    stores in Romford area in aid of cancer
    Each booklet...

  • Retirement in style 21

    Retirement in style
    BETTY McCAUSLAND, supermarket
    assistant at West Wickham, Rolls-Royced
    all the way home on February 17 to
    celebrate her retirement from JS.
    She stepped out of the branch at the
    end of her busy last day and...


    N Bacon, formerly manager of New
    Maiden, has been appointed manager of
    R Bradford, formerly deputy manager
    of Fulham, has been appointed manager
    of New Maiden.
    C Gaffan, formerly deputy manager...


    Mary Venn, office manager at Nuneaton,
    has completed 40 years' service with JS.
    She began her career with the company
    at the old Trinity Street branch, Coventry,
    as a clerk. In 1964 Mary transferred to the


    George Blackmore, a non-perishable
    clerk at Charlton depot, has retired after
    32 years' service at JS.
    He joined the company at Charlton as
    a driver and 16 years later became a
    traffic controller. In 1969 George...

  • Feedback 23

    Letters are welcome
    and should be
    addressed to the editor
    Vouchers or
    From: Enid Hine, supermarket assistant,
    Although appreciating the bonus paid at
    Christmas, would it not be possible for
    staff to...


    George Burrows, supervisor in advertising
    stores, Blackfriars, died on January
    24, aged 48.
    He had been with the company since
    Anthony Groodrein, customer service
    assistant at Dagenham, died on January

  • Archives 24

    PICTURE JS's branch at 9-11 London
    Road, Croydon, on a sunny Sunday
    morning early this century. The delivery
    bicycles and horse vans crowded outside
    the shop testify to a busy morning's
    trading. Next door, a smaller...