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  • Brent Clean Food award 02

    THE SECOND Brent Clean Food award
    presented to Sainsbury's (JSJ June 1983)
    went to Kingsbury branch on June 14.
    PeterLongstaff,branch manager(right)
    received the award from Graham Purvis,
    chairman of the Liaison group...

  • Contents Page 02

    Page 2-3
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    Charity bonanza
    Page 6-8
    Business news—Paying for our goods in the future
    Page 9
    An easier life for disabled shoppers
    Page 10-11
    A silver jubilee for Haverhill Meat Products
    Page 12-13


    GEORGE RUSBROOK joined the
    company on June 13 as security adviser.
    He was previously deputy assistant
    commissioner at Scotland Yard.

  • Images in motion 02

    Images in motion
    ART has taken to the road with the help
    of JS.
    The Images for Today art competition,
    organised and sponsored by Sainsbury's
    last year, has led this summer
    to an exciting exhibition touring a
    number of...

  • Political moves 02

    Political moves
    FOLLOWING Timothy Sainsbury's
    appointment as assistant government
    whip it has been necessary for him to
    resign as a non-executive director.
    For many years Mr Timothy was the
    director responsible for JS's...

  • Business game results 03

    Business game results
    THE FINAL decisions had all been made
    and the financial accounts published for
    25 imaginary companies by June 16.
    It was on this date that the Executive
    Club's cut throat business game (JSJ
    April '83)...

  • Sainsbury's AGM 1983 03

    Sainsbury's AGM 1983
    SAINSBURY'S Annual General Meeting
    for shareholders was held on July 6.
    Chairman, Sir John Sainsbury, spoke
    to shareholders of the company's performance
    in its ten years since going
    public. He looked at...

  • Property 04

    YORK is to have a second Sainsbury's
    store. The company is at present seeking
    a suitable site to develop a supermarket
    for the western side of the city.
    Earlier plans dealt with a site in Acomb
    but this has been...

  • 'The Whisper' 04

    WHAT THESE girls are really discussing
    is anybody's guess. Even Sir Hugh
    Casson, Royal Academy President, cannot
    fathom their secret, try as he might.
    But someone whispered in our ear that
    the girls shall continue their...

  • Bright news for sunshine fund 05

    Bright news for sunshine fund
    OUR PICTURE is full of sunshine and
    there's a good reason why. It was taken at
    a happy occasion in Woking branch
    when Ron Yeates and Kay Gray presented
    a £1,000 cheque to Elizabeth...

  • Charity for children 05

    BILL ALLEN and Vi Tennant (below)
    took a second trip this year to the Bone
    Marrow Unit at Westminster Children's
    With them went a cheque for £1,000.
    Professor Jack Hobbs, director of the
    team, was delighted: 'To...

  • Donations and jubilations 05

    Donations and jubilations
    YOUR GENEROSITY has resulted in
    three exciting donations to charity.
    Four SSA committee members found
    themselves recently with £3,000 to hand
    over to some very rewarding cases
    thanks to JS...

  • Paying tomorrow 06

    Paying tomorrow
    THE PROPHESIES of a cashless society
    have been around for quite some time now.
    At first it was thought tliat cash would be
    replaced by cheques and other sorts of
    paper money'; then it was suggested...

  • Protective custody 06

    Protective custody
    THE SSA BOASTS 100 per cent pet
    ownership amongst its members. In
    fact every individual owns a cat. Unusual?
    Stranger still, the cat is a Siberian Tiger
    and its proud owners also have a...

  • Checking out Tesco results 08

    Checking out Tesco iresults
    THE RESULTS of Checkout '82 are now
    apparent. Turnover for the year to February
    26,1983 was just over 14 per cent ahead at
    £2,404 million. Of this sales increase, some
    five per cent was due to...

  • Pushing ahead 09

    Pushing ahead
    Over the past few years Welfare Authorities have endeavoured to make society more
    understanding towards the problems facing disabled people and have especially
    encouraged the improvement of facilities and help...

  • Twenty-five Tendersweet years 10

    Twenty-five Tendersweet years
    Twenty-five years ago in Haverhill, Suffolk, Sainsbury's first packets of sliced, weighed and labelled Tendersweet bacon appeared at the end of a small production line employing 12 people. Customers...

  • Dog's dinner 12

    Dog's dinner
    DON'T GIVE Lassie and Rover a dog's
    life. Give them Sainsbury's Supermeat,
    new Biscuit Assortment and Dog Chocs.
    You'll keep them healthy and happy.
    Sainsbury's Supermeat, offering your
    dog an additional choice...

  • Heaven scent 12

    Heaven scent
    WAFT CONFIDENTLY through the day
    with Sainsbury's new 'J' Body Spray
    Perfumed Deodorant now available in
    111 branches.
    A completely new concept in the 'J'
    range, the body spray has a light, soft,

  • It's nutty 12

    It's nutty
    IF YOU CAN'T FACE breakfast here is a
    new JS own-label cereal that could make
    you change your mind.
    Crunch Oat Cereal with Bran and
    Apple is a must for those who wave the
    wholefood banner. It's made from...

  • Salud! 12

    TAKE A GUIDED tour round the
    Iberian Peninsula with Sainsbury's three
    new red Spanish Wines (Denominacion
    de Origen): Sainsbury's Vallformosa
    1975, Valdepeiias Vina Albali 1978 and
    Jumiila 1978.

  • Bag 'em 13

    Bag 'em
    TEMPTATION is looming with the
    recent introduction of Sainsbury's
    bumper bag of crisps.
    Ready Salted, Cheese and Onion and
    Salt and Vinegar are the three popular
    flavours available in the nine pack bag...

  • Dream cake 13

    Dream cake
    SEDUCTIVE, delectable, frivolous and
    altogether wickedly attractive is the only
    apt description of Sainsbury's new freezer
    food. Lemon Cream Torte, now available
    at all freezer centres and 55 branches.
    This light...

  • Foiled afresh 13

    Foiled afresh
    WRAP IT all up with Sainsbury's new
    wrapping foil now on sale in 161 stores.
    Made from finer gauge foil, it is not
    recommended for roasting. Nevertheless,
    because it is cheaper to produce than JS's

  • Nova cola 13

    Nova cola
    QUENCH your summer thirst with
    Sainsbury's new own-label Decaffeinated
    Cola, the first of its kind in Britain.
    For those who want to avoid caffeine
    this new option is a super fizzy alternative
    and is now available...

  • Summer delights 13

    Summer delights
    KEEP AS COOL as a cucumber this
    summer with seasonal recipes available
    in 'The Sainsbury Book of Ices and Cold
    Desserts' and 'The Sainsbury Book of
    Suppers and Snacks', two new additions
    to the hardback...

  • The big freeze 13

    The big freeze

  • Crawley confetti 14

    Crawley confetti
    WEDDING BELLS were ringing loud
    and clear in St Richard's Church, Crawley
    on Saturday June 25 for a Sainsbury's
    Denise Young, a supermarket assistant
    and Paul Wilkinson, a senior tradesman

  • Insurance due? 14

    Insurance due?
    As a membeir of JS you
    can pay less
    THE COMPANY has arranged discount
    for JS staff and veterans on two schemes:
    1. Royal Insurance Group, one of the
    largest insurers in the country and
    established in most...

  • Lion's share 14

    Lion's share
    THIS IS no ordinary shopping trip as you
    might guess by the official attendance as
    Nuneaton branch's Barbara Eaton checks
    out Julie Massey's lion-sized load.
    Julie is the fiancee of Geoffrey Dowell,
    local man...

  • News in brief—a round-up activities companywide 14

    FRANK GILES of Croydon branch
    bowled his heart out on the green at the
    Griffin grcuind on Family Day.-
    With skilfully executed movements—
    slightly crouched body and synchronised
    swinging of the arm, Frank mowed down

  • One chilling makes £2,000 14

    One chilling makes £2,000
    SEVEN YEARS of hard walking has
    meant that Vi Shilling, leading departmental
    assistant at Orpington branch,
    has raised a total of £2,000 in sponsorship
    money for the Orpington Christian...

  • Second serve 14

    Second serve
    CUSTOMERS AT Wigston branch near
    Leicester have recently been concerned
    about their eyesight. Double vision seems
    to be the problem.
    When investigated by branch staff the
    affliction was traced back to...

  • Marathon efforts all round 15

    Roy Burfoot is number 73 and Alec Walkernumber 554.
    Marathon efforts all round ARE YOU ON THE RUN? If so join
    ranks with Basingstoke depot, Wellingborough
    and Nine Elms, who have
    recently been running and walking...

  • No-litter Bitterne 16

    Left to right: John Marks; former Southampton Mayor, Barbara Barfoot;
    Margaret Oakey (joint winner) and Brenda Purdie.
    No-litter Bitterne BITTERNE BRANCH is a little bit
    proud of itself since winning the Tidy
    Trader of the...

  • Photographic Competition 16

    HURRY, HURRY, if you want to enter
    the 1983 JS Journal/SSA photographic
    competition. The closing date is only two
    months away.
    So far we have received a handful of
    entries but are now awaiting the big
    onslaught. Summer...

  • Ron blows his own trumpet 17

    Ron blows his own trumpet
    'MUSIC HATH charms to soothe a
    savage breast,' and in civilised Britain
    there are probably more savage breasts
    heaving along summer roads in sticky
    vehicles than anywhere else you'd care...


    Dave May, leading departmental
    assistant at Hastings, has completed 25
    years' service with JS.
    He joined the company at Tonbridge
    as a porter and 11 years later moved to
    Avebury in charge of van checking....


    Stan Hart, customer service assistant at
    Worthing, has retired after 31 years'
    service with JS.
    He joined the company at Leatherhead as a porter and in 1968 moved to
    Warwick Street, working in the same

  • When opportunity knocked 18

    When opportunity knocked
    LOOKING BACK over the last 45 years
    at JS, Roy Shepperd, meat manager at
    Basingstoke depot, summed up his life
    with the company: 'It was rather like the
    TV programme "Opportunity Knocks".
    All my...

  • Feedback 19

    Letters are welcome
    and should be
    addressed to the editor
    Strike me!
    From: E Pritchard and K Aussamand,
    customers at Telford branch.
    I would like to thank Zigurds Busevics,
    deputy manager at Telford branch for...


    D Bast-Boverhoff, formerly deputy
    manager of Basingstoke, has been
    appointed manager of Lordshill.
    W Simms, formerly deputy manager of
    Croydon, has been appointed acting
    manager at Croydon.
    M Tucker,...


    Fred Eagle, section manager in depot
    stocks, Streatham, died suddenly on June
    8, aged 58.
    He had been with the company since
    Doris Mclntyre, a part-time seamstress
    at Buntingford depot, died on February

  • The OX that finally came home 20

    The OX that finally came home
    THE OPENING of the new Wakefield
    House called to mind a recent gift to the
    Archives from a Bury St Edmunds
    customer. Her letter read: 'When my
    mother died sixteen years ago, I inherited
    one of...