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  • Clean food award 02

    Clean food award
    Geoffrey Jones (left) congratulates manager Richard Davies. AN ANNUAL visit by the Brent Clean
    Food Liaison Group on May 3 has
    resulted in Wembley branch winning die
    Clean Food Award for 1983.
    Unique to...

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    Branch opening- Crystal Palace
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    Homebase opening— Northampton
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    Business news
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    Variety Club luncheon
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    New products
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    Photographic competition

  • Grocery conference 02

    Grocery conference
    SEEN HERE on the left is Roy Griffiths,
    Managing Director in conversation with
    Sam Kilburn, Chief Executive of the
    Institute of Grocery Distribution (centre)
    and Sir James Cleminson, Chairman of

  • Property 03

    PLANS FOR a new Homebase in Bath
    are being considered by Bath City
    Council. The scheme is to link the
    Homebase with the new Sainsbury's
    branch near Green Park Station on land
    which is currently owned by British...

  • Recruiting good ideas 03

    Recruiting good ideas
    HOMEBASE recruitment hit on the right
    formula from the word go. Their first
    ever recruitment advertisement (left) won
    a special commendation in the Daily
    Express Regional Press Awards which
    received 340...

  • Results 03

    BY THE TIME you read this issue JS's
    end of year financial results will have
    been announced.
    They will be the subject of the Report
    For Staff which all locations will be
    receiving. The results will also be...

  • Branch opening—Crystal Palace 04

    kicked off at 9.30am on
    Monday April 25.
    The Crystal Palace branch opened to a
    long, cheerful queue of customers and
    welcomed a steady stream of JS fans
    throughout the day.
    The branch on...

  • Homebase opening—Northampton 06

    ON MAY 2—a bank holiday Monday—it
    seemed that all roads led to Victoria
    Promenade, Northampton. At 9.00am
    the new Homebase house and garden
    centre opened to the most spectacular
    welcome ever recorded since the...

  • Bid moves 08

    Bid moves
    made its long-awaited US acquisition. The
    company has made no secret of its desire to
    enter the American food market.
    The UK is a mature market for...

  • Corny 08

    CORNISH COOKS have slammed Tesco's
    for corny claims about pasties. Store
    bosses claimed authenticity for their recipe
    saying Tesco is 'possibly the only place
    outside Truro you can get a traditional
    Cornish pastie.'

  • The high street saint 08

    MARKS & SPENCER'S pre-tax profits rose
    by an effective 10 per cent to £239 million
    for the year to March 31 on sales up 16 per
    cent to over £2.5 billion. Over the last four
    years their profits growth has just about...

  • Eating Italian 09

    BRITISH CONSUMPTION of pasta has
    doubled in ten years and now stands at
    around 2lb per head per annum.
    Despite the increase, Britons are still on
    sparrow's diet compared with the Italians
    who consume 56lb of the stuff every...

  • Grit and grapes 09

    Grit and grapes
    AN UNLIKELY company has given new
    dimension to the phrase faying down the
    wine'. The RMC group more usually seen
    laying down ready mixed concrete, sand,
    gravel and grit, are venturing into the
    Beaujblais race...

  • Kwik results 09

    Kwik results
    KWIK SAVE announced pre-tax profits for
    their half-year to February 26, 1983 up 15
    per cent at £12.3 million, on sales up 14 per
    cent at £268 million. The share price was a
    little unsettled on the news of the...

  • Tentacles reach the market 09

    Tentacles reach the market
    OCTOPUS PUBLISHING-perhaps the
    most innovative publishing company in the
    country—have recently come to the Stock
    Market. The company has had a remarkable
    growth record since itwasset up in 1971...

  • Variety Club luncheon 10

    Lunch money
    Club Luncheon took place at Grosveno
    House Hotel. For the first time there was
    a strong Sainsbury's presence as Miss Jh
    P e r S i t y girls and JS char*, f u n d u s
    were escorted there by SSA...

  • Egg-cellent 12

    SAINSBURY'S new own-label Egg
    Custard Dessert Mix with Nutmeg is a
    perfect finale to any meal.
    Available in 147 stores, the mix is very
    simple and easy to prepare. The contents
    of the sachet should be emptied...

  • Fishy firsts 12

    Fishy firsts
    PACKED LUNCHES promise to be even
    more exciting with the recent additions
    to the pre-packed fresh sandwich range.
    Smoked Salmon and Cottage Cheese,
    made with brown bread, is an exotic
    lunchtime snack and sells...

  • Grape success 12

    Grape success
    AN IDEAL WINE for summer is
    Sainsbury's wine choice for June—
    Wiltinger Scharzberg, Qualitatswein mit
    This crisp white wine comes from the
    valley of the Saar, a tributary of the
    Mosel. The steeply...

  • Keeping abreast 12

    Keeping abreast
    ENJOY A 'hassle free' meal with
    Sainsbury's own-label new Chicken
    Breasts en Croute now available at 102
    branches and at all SavaCentres.
    The first of a new generation of poultry
    products, each pack of...

  • Micro chips 12

    Micro chips
    LEARN ALL there is to know about
    microwave cooking from Sainsbury's
    latest food guide—'Cooking by Microwave'
    —written by Cecilia Norman.
    The aim of this new booklet is to give a
    whole wealth of information...

  • Clean sweep 13

    Clean sweep
    WHISTLE while you work with
    Sainsbury's new extensive brushware
    range now available in three bright
    colours—red, brown and beige.
    Available in a varied number of stores,
    the new range consists of a dust pan...

  • Paws to eat 13

    Paws to eat
    ASK ANY discerning cat or dog in the
    country what they look for in their daily
    diet and they will tell you—a wide range
    of foods offering nourishing alternative
    Sainbury's new own-label Supreme

  • Soft sell 13

    Soft sell
    AND NOW for something completely
    Sainsbury's have recently introduced a
    bumper pack of nine toilet rolls available
    in two colourways—pink and white.
    At £1.45, these nine super soft, two ply

  • Spread it around 13

    Spread it around
    BRING A WHOLE new life into
    sandwiches, dips and party goodies with
    Sainsbury's first own-label sandwich
    spreads available in three distinct
    flavours: traditional, tomato and spicy.
    Made with real...

  • Stirring news 13

    Stirring news
    DON'T BE deceived . . . they're not the
    latest chocolate flakes but Sainsbury's
    new own-label Gravy Granules, ready for
    A first for JS, these new granules create
    everything a perfect gravy should be...

  • Photographic competition 14

    FORTUNE by entering the 1983
    Photographic Competition run jointly
    by the SSA and JS Journal.
    This year's competition will be
    divided into three sections. 1. FRIENDS For this one you...

  • Branch football 15

    Branch football
    TWO WORLD FAMOUS football teams
    —Stratford Superstars and Stamford
    Hill Strollers—came face to face on April
    17 for a high spirited match.
    From kick off, Stratford took control
    giving the team a one goal...

  • Scouting for funds 15

    Scouting for funds
    THERE'S ALWAYS something going on
    at East Grinstead branch and the last
    week in April was no exception.
    On Friday 29 a cheque for £500 was
    presented by Arthur Russell, branch
    manager, to Jeffrey Ell wood,...

  • Take the plunge on June 12 15

    Take the plunge on June 12
    One of last year's Family Day water babes. JUST IN CASE you haven't heard, June
    12 is kicking, jumping, splashing, running
    and cycling time for everyone at
    Sainsbury's. Action packed Family...

  • What's in a name 15

    What's in a name
    JOY, WIFE OF the late Arthur Van den
    Branden who retired from supply control,
    Blackfriars in 1979, has been feeling
    homesick recently since she discovered
    this advert in The West...

  • Hand it to Malcolm 16

    Hand it to
    HANDS WERE raised in combat in the
    Bromley area last month. Haywards
    Heath branch issued a challenge to the
    rest of its area to find the Nomination
    Whist Champion.
    On May 4 a tournament was held...

  • Investing in art 16

    Investing in art
    AMATEUR ARTIST, Maurice Gardner,
    a night shift worker at Chislehurst, has
    recently had a brush with success after
    exhibiting his watercolours in the local
    branch of the Abbey National...

  • Lyrical letters 16

    Lyrical letters
    AFTER SPENDING some confusing
    hours attending SSP (Statutory Sick Pay)
    meetings, Joan Timlett, BPO at
    Harpenden found herself pondering one
    sleepless night on the number of initials
    used in JS systems.

  • Making faces 17

    Making faces
    THERE ARE LOTS of new faces around.
    Not a sudden influx of personnel—just a
    fresh new look for familiar features.
    Wednesday has meant Beauty School
    night for over 50 JS girls over the past
    Following up...

  • Peter sets the ball rolling for guide dogs 17

    Peter sets the ball rolling for guide dogs Peter Ball (ringed) with walkers ready for the off. SPRING is sprung and 28 members of
    staff from Bognor Regis branch took to
    muddy fields and coast roads to raise
    money for guide dogs...


    P Jones, formerly manager of Hayes, has
    been appointed manager of Harlow.
    D Ware, formerly manager of
    Bletchley, has been appointed manager of
    Chester for the opening.
    M Whitty, formerly manager,, of


    Albert Pugh, grocery manager at
    Leamington, has completed 40 years'
    service with JS.
    He joined the company at Derby and
    since then has worked at several stores
    including Northampton, Coventry, where
    he was...


    Vera Storey, a storekeeper at Charlton
    depot, has retired after 37 years' service
    She joined the company in the biscuit
    department at Blackfriars' factory and in. 1971 transferred to Charlton depot.

  • The road to retirement WWM 18

    The road to retirement
    'I'VE NEVER DRIVEN a car in my life,'
    says Francis 'Tommy' Thomas after 40
    years in JS transport. 'I know more than
    most about roads but I've never wanted
    to sit behind a wheel.'
    Tommy retired from...

  • Feedback 19

    Letters are welcome
    and should, be
    addressed to the editor
    Dream store
    From: Sibyl Robinson, customer at
    Crystal Palace.
    I was born in Whitehorse Lane 68 years
    ago and on Monday had the pleasure of
    being taken to...


    Margaret Bramble, skilled supermarket
    assistant at Stratford branch, died on
    April 18, aged 54. She had been with the
    company since 1975.
    Leslie Humphreys, a driver at
    Basingstoke depot, died on February 19,

  • I've got wheels 20

    This month the archives page is being delivered to your door.
    These photographs of delivery vehicles of days gone by are all recent additions
    to the archives photo library. THREE OF the four were donated by
    veterans at their...