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Alarm clock with a rectangular sterling silver case and two sterling silver side pieces. The side pieces are highly decorative; the left side depicts acorns, oak leaves and an open book containing the inscription, 'TIMES PAST' and the right side depicts laurel leaves, a scythe and a closed book bearing the inscription, 'FUTURE'. An additional sterling silver section in the shape of an open book bearing the inscription, 'THE TIMES' is attached to the front of the clock casing.

A hallmark on the reverse of the clock casing indicates that it was made in Birmingham in 1977 by Thomas Fattorini. The casing also features lines of recessed decoration on the front, a green felt rectangle on the base, and clock controls set into a copper alloy disc on the reverse.

The clock is stored in a presentation case with two hinged doors at the front held together by two copper alloy clasps. The case is covered in a black leather-effect cloth and lined with synthetic blue felt and purple satin. The maker's name and contact details are printed in gold on the purple satin at the back of the case.