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Copper alloy medal issued to J. Sainsbury Ltd. as a reward of merit.

The obverse features a heraldic-style shield motif with a cocks head crest, leaves, and a banner bearing the inscription, 'EVER VIGILANT'. There is a further inscription around the edge of the medal, 'POULTRY ASSOCIATION OF GREAT BRITAIN (SPBA)'. The reverse features a recessed inscription, 'POULTRY INDUSTRY MARKETING TROPHY This Medal is presented to J. SAINSBURY LTD. Awarded the trophy 1959.'

The medal is stored in a square case with a hinged lid. The case is covered with green leather-effect fabric and lined with cream satin and green felt. A gold printed inscription inside the lid of the case gives the maker's name, 'Fattorini & Sons Ltd BRADFORD WORKS CARR ST BIRMINGHAM 19.'. A further gold printed inscription on the outside of the case lid indicates the nature of the contents, 'POULTRY INDUSTRY AWARD'