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Carved wooden shield with scrolls bearing the stylised inscription 'JJS'. The border and intials are picked out in gold paint. The initials stand for John James Sainsbury, the founder of Sainsbury's. The shield was carved in the firm's joiner's shop and used to hang above the office of the Sainsbury's branch at 9 - 11 London Road (Croydon 17).

Brown metal plaque with a copper alloy screw in each corner and an impressed inscription in white, '1939 - 1945 THE DAMAGE TO THIS TABLE SUSTAINED DURING AN AIR RAID ON THE NIGHT OF 19TH/20TH APRIL 1941 SERVES AS A REMINDER OF THE 600 INCIDENTS IN WHICH SAINSBURY PREMISES SUFFERED AS A RESULT OF ENEMY ACTION.' The plaque was attached to the boardroom table at Stamford House, Sainsbury's head office.

Both items are mounted on a green textured backboard within a rectangular wooden frame. Each item has a caption printed in white explaining its significance.